Odoo Fixing

Having Odoo and is not working as you would wish? Maybe because the set up wasn't done right, implementation wasn't the standard for Kenya business success, or maybe the implementer disappeared on you. Well at synergy we can help you get back on track using odoo and make sure that Odoo works for you we live you with smiling faces.

Our knowledge and skills on the Odoo product allows us to offer you  an advanced customization of the software  and also to carry out complementary developments in order to adapt the Odoo software to your expectations. We develop  applications for Odoo , making just about anything possible.

The objective: To set up a high-performance tool that meets your company's expectations.

Odoo Customization

Odoo is a software that can be adapted to all companies. This is where the Odoo integrator comes in, who with his experience and knowledge can customize the software to meet the specific needs of the company.

But before customizing the software, the integrator will define the company's needs. This exchange time before the software is implemented is very important for the integrator to understand what the company does, what its processes are, what its needs are, who does what in the company, etc....

This expertise then allows Odoo to be configured and customized.

User training

The successful implementation of software depends on user adoption. Indeed, if users adhere to the software, it will encourage them to use it. If employees do not adhere to the software, it will not be used or used very little and therefore the software will not achieve its objective: to increase the company's ROI.

It is also at this time that the Odoo integrator has an important role to play. He must do Odoo training. The objective is to show them that it is easy to use, that it is personalized, that it corresponds to the company's processes.

If users see the immediate benefit of using new software (saving time, optimizing their work, facilitating certain tasks) then they will use it on a daily basis and use it well.

It is clear that the greater and faster the adoption of the software by users, the faster the software will increase the company's profitability.

Synergy is an expert company in Odoo software integration

We are an  Odoo partner  and we have supported many companies in the successful implementation of their Odoo software.

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