Odoo Development

What is an Odoo Developer?

An Odoo developer is a particular individual that creates, builds, and customizes applications or features within the Odoo ERP software. They have a strong background in programming concepts as well as the Odoo framework. They work directly with Odoo apps and software and are able to provide solutions to Odoo project requirements.  

These developer are responsible for properly fine-tuning all settings within a company's Odoo open-source ERP system. Developers can customize Odoo by creating new fields, or create a completely new module or feature through programming. 

With all that Odoo developers can do, they are not to get confused with consultants.   Odoo developers may have knowledge of several industries as far as their and functionality, however, unlike an Odoo consultants, they can not address the more complex business based issues that a project may face.

How Do Odoo Developers Work?

Developers can work in one of two ways. They can either work directly with the customer/ client or under an Odoo consultant. There are pros and cons to each approach.

How To Become An Odoo Developer

Work For An Odoo Partner

 Be hired by an Odoo partner and work with a team of developers under a consultant

Self-Taught Developer

You can learn how to be a developer own with the documentation and e-learning platform from Odoo.


Just Do It

Just start developing on Odoo! Work on small projects and instances. If you're doing it you technically are one!